Friday, March 18, 2011

The Wedding

Our photographer was one of my YW leaders at the time McKenzie Hansen. She did a great job and we have tons of pictures from the wedding so I tried to pick out some of them. My bridals were taken at Memory Grove. Here are a couple of the pictures.

My dress was from Alyssa's Bridal in the University Mall in Orem. Since wedding stuff was done on the weekends when we came to Salt Lake Matt went shopping with us so he saw my dress when I bought it. I thought I would want a big poofy dress but I didn't like them when I tried them on. I loved the lace-up back on this dress and the square neckline. Jennifer styled my hair for me for bridals and on the wedding day.

We were married at 10:30am on May 16, 2003 in the Salt Lake temple. My mom was sick in the hospital and they wouldn't release her that morning so she wasn't able to go to the temple ceremony but they released her a couple of hours later so she was there for the reception. It was a windy day but no rain so I didn't mind the wind.

Matt had trouble keeping his eyes open during pictures that day, not sure why but so many of them had his eyes closed.

Matt and I with my dad.

Matt's parents.

You can see Amber Gillespie in the background trying to hold my veil down.

This is one of my favorite pictures.

The reception was at Friendship Park which is located at the Stake Center by the old Cottonwood Hospital. It was outside but had a roof in case there was any rain and I think it was $25 to rent the space for the day which was an added bonus.

My siblings (Logan, Daniel, and Amber) and both sets of parents.

My bridesmaids, Amber G., Amber and Angela.
(I'm an "A" name too...funny.)

My siblings, crazy to think Daniel is married now and Logan is getting married in June. He looks so little in this picture.

My dad's parents.

I think I have some pictures someone else took of the reception area and how it was decorated but this is all I have for right now. We had the kitchen area separated with dividers and in front of the dividers were lots of trees with lights on them and a fountain. Each column had trees with lights in front of them and then there was a present table, sign-in table and a table with pictures of Matt and I. The tables had candles and a vase with gerbera daisy's and silver goldfish swimming around.

We bought the fish the night before but we put them in a container that must have had soap residue or something because they all died that night. So after the ceremony Matt and I ran over to the pet shop to buy more fish.

The refreshments were punch (I think sprite with raspberry sherbet, not sure?) and cheesecake (plain or cherry topping) and a chocolate mint.

Before the reception we took some pictures on the swings, slide and merry-go-round.

My friend's parents owned Granite Bakery and so we ordered the cake through them. The flowers were done by a lady in our ward and I told her I wanted gerbera daisy's on the tables, white roses in my bouquet and everything else she could pick. I told her bright colors and wildflower types of flowers. She did a great job.

My car ('81 or '82 bronco) was trashed. This picture is when they were still decorating the car. The had put tons of glitter confetti all over inside the car and the outside had everything all over the windows, cookies, paint and even dead goldfish. When we got to the hotel (The Inn at Temple Square) I felt bad for the guy that had to valet park for us because I'm sure he was covered in the confetti.

It was a great day and so many friends and family helped get everything ready and helped with the food and clean-up. We spent a night at the Inn and Temple Square and then spent 2 nights in Park City. We didn't have a honeymoon other than the first night planned because we were going to be driving to St. Louis but since that didn't work out we went up to Park City.

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  1. Oh gosh I totally remember that car! You tried to teach me to drive stick in that thing! And I guess I didn't do a very good job holding your veil down since it was all over the place that day! You and Matt look so, so young (Not that you look old now)! And I remember trying to put lip gloss on you for your wedding day and would not let me!