Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Turn

I was born in Murray, Utah at the Cottonwood Hospital. We lived at couple of places I don't remember anything about before my parents build a house in Kearns. And then we lived in Kearns until I was in 1st grade when we then moved to Murray. After graduation I moved to Rexburg to meet Matt attend BYU-Idaho.

Unlike Matt's pictures I don't have my school pictures, except one because my parents still have most of my pictures. But I have a binder with some childhood pictures and then plenty of pictures from high school. I only picked pictures from when I was little because that's when I looked the cutest I didn't want to spend all night scanning but maybe I'll periodically do a "blast from the past" post with past pictures.

Getting a bath at the cabin in Heber.

My grandparents house.

At the cabin again talking on the "phone."

Me, Daniel and Amber.

See the necklace I'm wearing, they actually sell those at a store in Gardner Village. I guess they're popular again.

Not sure where this is but think it's in Coronado, CA.

I think this is Disneyland, apparently I thought it wasn't the happiest place on Earth that day.
(I love how the stranger in the back is smiling and looking right at the camera.)

I have many memories of Disneyland, Sea World and Knott's Berry Farm growing up.

Eating fresh cookies on the counter at our Kearn's house.

Bad picture but I loved this cake that year. Cookie Monster had 3 chocolate chip cookies sticking out of his mouth.

Me and my sister, Amber.

Christmas morning. Our church nursery still has that same kitchen and Ashton loves cooking on it.

Double layered picture (you can see me sideways too) but my sister and I took dance for a couple of years.

My dad built a snow cave against the fence one winter.

My fifth grade picture. The only one I have in the book I have. I remember this picture day more than any other because while my mom was curling my hair I passed out and woke up and was scared. It was the first time I passed out but certainly not the last. I'm good at passing out.

Looking through old pictures makes me want to go to my parents and look at all of them. I love how a picture makes you remember that exact moment that I probably wouldn't remember if there wasn't a visual reminder.

Next up, Matt and I at college!

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