Tuesday, April 10, 2012

September to November 2004

I actually forgot to take pictures the day of Kaleb's blessing so these are from my parents camera and scanned in, not the best quality. Kaleb was blessed on September 5, 2004.

We had a luncheon after outside at our apartment complex. This is Kaleb with his great-great grandpa on my mom's side.

This is Kaleb with my uncle Narvel who has the same birthday as Kaleb.

When the leaves were changing colors we decided to go for a drive and take some pictures. This is my mushroom hair phase, not my best haircut that's for sure.

Kaleb didn't seem to mind that we would lay him right in the leaves.

Kaleb and daddy.

These are some of Kaleb's 3-month pictures we had taken. That puppy is actually on the floor next to me right now. It's Kaleb's favorite stuffed animal and Ashton likes to claim it sometimes too.

Kaleb LOVED bath time. He would kick and splash the whole time getting water everywhere.

Kaleb's first Halloween. He wasn't a big fan of the hood part.

Kaleb loved trying to eat anything we were eating and Matt would tease him all the time. He usually gave him a lick or two.

This was on a trip to Idaho for an early Scherzinger Thanksgiving.

We stayed at my aunts relative's house and Matt was reading one night and Kaleb was really into the book too.

I always kept the lotion bottle on the changing table and as soon as I would lay Kaleb down he could arch his back and grab the lotion or side of the table, he never wanted to lay down flat when getting changed.

Long ago, before life became too busy, Matt liked playing computer games and Kaleb would be mesmerized by the screen.

Kaleb taking a nap after church.

I think this was also an after church nap.

Babies sure like to sleep.

Watching his mobile after a bath.

We only pulled out the swing once or twice, Kaleb wasn't a big fan of it most of the time.

This was taken at Thanksgiving in Colorado, I loved this hat on Kaleb with the ear flaps.

Here are some videos put together in 2004 from August, September, October and November 2004.

August 8, 2004 to September 28, 2004

October 5, 2004 to November 23, 2004

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