Wednesday, March 14, 2012

July & August 2004

This is from the 4th of July. We walked down to Murray park to watch the fireworks and Kaleb slept the whole time.

Kaleb would always stick out his tongue if he saw you do it. I was always amazed that at 1 month old he would mimic that.

Towards the end of July 2004 we headed to Colorado to celebrate Rue's 50th birthday with everyone. We took family pictures and on the Snell family there were only 3 grandchildren, now there are 9.

Here Kaleb is chilling on my lap while I trimmed his nails after a bath.

While in Colorado we visited the Sand Dunes. It was really windy that day and I remember how hard it was to walk in the sand while carrying Kaleb in the car seat. The tiny spec on the top of the peak is a person. I couldn't believe how big they were.

The first weekend in August we went camping with some friends. Let's just say a 6 week old and very emotional mommy don't mix very well with camping. Although here Kaleb was enjoying himself.

We only lasted one of the two nights since it was freezing and trying to feed Kaleb during the night was almost impossible but it was still a very memorable trip.

Here are some videos I made back in 2004 of Colorado and the camping trip.

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  1. Ah "THE" camping trip! You guys were troopers for even attempting to come up, I doubt I would have. And I love the InTouch magazine in Kalebs car seat. That had to have been mine. And I love your hair in these pictures!