Thursday, October 16, 2014

April 2005

Kaleb loved wearing sunglasses. Kaleb broke a couple of pairs of Matt's sunglasses because if Matt ever left them lying around Kaleb would find them and put them on.
 April 6, 2005

Kaleb loved playing with his food and mashed potatoes was no exception. He would always wipe his food on the table next to him or on the fridge that was also next to his high chair. He was a messy eater.

 April 7, 2005

Kaleb was always great about entertaining himself and playing by himself and not needing me to always entertain him but that also meant he had no problem running away to find something to get in to.

 April 14, 2005

In April Melanie and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Kelly who was pregnant with her first baby. I made my first ever diaper cake and I was proud of how it turned out considering it was before pinterest and all of the tutorials on how to make one. I made a cardboard support system and used wire to hold the diapers around the cardboard circle. It wasn't the easiest way to make one now that I see how to actually make one but I had to figure it out as I went. 

 April 16, 2005

My mom came to help and help out with Kaleb. We had cheesecake and played a couple of games, the pricing game, and cotton ball game where you are blindfolded and scoop up cottonballs with a spoon into a bowl and wrote words of advice. The invitations were real cloth diapers folded into a diaper shape with the invitation printed on iron-on paper and then we ironed them to the diapers and mailed them out.

Sometimes it was easier to give Kaleb a popsicle (or in this case a creamie) in the tub and then you could just take of his diaper after and give him a bath. Rather than cleaning up the high chair and his clothes and then giving him a bath and he didn't seem to mind because he knew it meant bath time was coming.

 April 17, 2005

One of Kaleb's favorite things to do (or at least what made him laugh the most) was playing peek-a-boo when he was in his high chair. We did it all the time and he loved it.

April 27, 2005

Making a mess eating oreo's.

 April 29, 2005

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